Posted by Gasland Chef on Oct 15th 2021

Best Gas Pizza Oven For Your Backyard

Pizza ovens can create a perfect experience for your pizza party or evening entertainment, and the GASLAND outdoor propane pizza ovens give you the ability and skill to make restaurant-level pizza in the comfort of your camping or backyard.

Why did you choose a propane pizza oven ?

The gas pizza oven allows you to save a lot of time while you have to heat to the required temperature, which means that it only takes you a few minutes to cook the pizza. At the same time, the countertop gas pizza oven is a great choice for beginners, because it uses propane for combustion. And Gasland focuses on using propane pizza ovens to cook pizza for your backyard, and the model is very portable, which allows you to take it with you if you move to a new place or if you want to cook pizza while on a picnic or camping.

High-Temperature Cooking

GASLAND LPG propane pizza oven featuring instant gas ignition, the pizza oven is equipped with double heating burner, which can reach 572°F in 3 minutes. At the same time, it has a built-in thermometer that helps you to know the inside temperature. Unlike wood-fired pizza oven, If the gas pizza oven’s temperature is too high, you can easily adjust the size of the flame with a knob, so that you can easily make a delicious meal.

Large Capacity

Gasland outdoor pizza oven has a huge capacity, which is available for bake up to 12 inches of pizza, and the ceramic pizza stone is 13 inches. The furnace chamber has enough space to rotate the pizza so that food can be more evenly heated.

The Multi-function

GASLAND countertop pizza ovens no wood required, it’s ready to be used out of the box, not only you can make 12 inches pizza, but make steaks, vegetable fish or anything meals you want to bake, which offer you restaurant-level tasting experience.