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GASLAND Unveils a New Chapter: Creating Connections, Making Memories

Today marks a momentous occasion as we proudly unveil a brand upgrade that goes beyond aesthetics. GASLAND is not just updating its logo; it's embarking on a journey to redefine the way you connect, cook, and create in your kitchen. Join us as we introduce the new face of GASLAND, share the captivating positioning story, and unveil the inspiring slogan that encapsulates our commitment to forging connections.

1. Positioning Story: Beyond Cooking, Forging Connections

Gasland understands the importance of family connections and the creation of lasting memories. Since 2003, we have been dedicated to enhancing lives through powerful, innovative appliances for cooking, heating, and outdoor living. Our mission is to go beyond products and build experiences that truly matter.

Gasland Chef, our specialized brand, brings a fresh perspective to kitchen innovation. From our first gas cooktops, we have pushed boundaries and reimagined the culinary journey. Our Gasland Chef range stands as a testament to our commitment to redefine spaces and elevate experiences.

Starting in Australia in 2015, our impact quickly expanded to Europe and then across the United States in 2018. We are proud to have become a trusted part of countless family homes.

Gasland isn't just about appliances; it's about inspiring connections and creating warm, inviting atmospheres where cherished memories are made. Join our family as we embark on this remarkable journey together, and let's create stories that will be treasured for a lifetime.

2. The Evolution of the Logo:

Creating Connections, Making Memories. GASLAND upgrades the logo to welcome 2024. It combines the initial "G" with the shape of the product, and the square design expresses the core concept while our engineer creates the products - Reliable and Reassuring. Owning our easy-to-use, reliable appliances instills a sense of kitchen confidence to effortlessly create family memories.

3. Slogan: Inspire Connections

With this brand upgrade, we're introducing a powerful slogan that encapsulates the essence of GASLAND – "Inspire Connections." It goes beyond the physical act of cooking; it embodies the idea that every flame, every dish, and every moment in the kitchen can be a source of inspiration and connection.

4. Functional Benefits :

Beyond the aesthetics and symbolism of our brand upgrade, Gasland appliances bring forth functional benefits that enrich your culinary experience:

5. Personality Traits:

As Gasland evolves, our personality traits remain steadfast:

Conclusion: Welcome to the Future of Cooking

GASLAND's brand upgrade isn't just about appliances; it's about the experiences they enable. As we unveil our new logo, share our positioning story, and introduce the slogan "Inspire Connections," we invite you to join us in the future of cooking. GASLAND is not just upgrading; we're evolving into a brand that connects, inspires, and transforms kitchens into spaces where connections are forged and memories are made. Welcome to the next chapter of GASLAND – where every meal is a celebration, and every connection is cherished!


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